05 / 10 / 2011

New installation of works from the Societe Generale Collection

Carte blanche to Agnès Violeau, exhibition curator

Societe Generale regularly invites exhibition curators to work on new installations of works from the Collection in the Societe Generale towers at La Défense.

Jonathan Monk, It's a Circus (dark grey), 2011
Agnès Violeau centred the new installation (September 2011-January 2012) on the theme of “Utopia”.

“The Societe Generale Collection holds a wealth of photographs and manufactured paintings, providing a window to a courtyard. The quest for a world in which man, nature and progress unite in perfect harmony, theological aspiration, visionary landscapes and contemporary ruins are just a few of the subjects explored, exposing a universe born in the duality of doubt and reconciliation. I felt that the concept of utopia was the epicentre of this collection, encouraging each of us to consider the beauty surrounding us with greater attention.” Agnès Violeau