Tangerine Chrysler (04A08)

Pascal Pinaud

Date : 2004

Medium : Mixed media

Size : 175cm x 110cm x 8cm

automobile paint on sheet metal, varnish

Pascal Pinaud’s fondness for unexpected materials and techniques is evident here in his use of high gloss auto body paint and sheet metal. Borrowed in humorous vein and transformed into an abstract painting, these materials are more likely to be found in a car workshop than in an exhibition space.

The guide

This work is fascinating. The bold red catches the eye. Its shine is perfect. And the torrent of roses captivates the viewer.

But is this really a painting? It is, but the work has been painted without the usual tools and materials you would expect.

No gouache, oil paint or pastel has been used. Instead it was painted with industrial car paint and varnish . The title tells us exactly where the paint comes from: a tangerine-coloured Chrysler. Pascal Pinaud is a painter, yet the layers of paint on the metal surface were not painted on by the artist, but by a bodyworks painter. Perhaps abstraction is the idea behind the work.

Look at the pattern on the metal, the ones that look like red roses. The artist has been inspired by abstract ideas, but there are also patterns from more traditional fabric, marquetry, as well as architectural elements like rosettes, moulding and cornices. The composition and choice of colours are simple. The flowers are spread out in a regular fashion. Pinaud purposely breaks free of the usual techniques of the artist. The painting is smooth and without texture, but not without character.

Pascal Pinaud has painted a picture that uses the pattern in an abstract way, forgetting the use of a brush, canvas or even a metal sheet.