Panorama Barbed Thread

Jean-Marc Bustamante

Date : 2000

Medium : Mixed media

Size : 146 x 285 cm – Edition 3/3

Ink on plexiglass. © Adagp, Paris, 2000

The painting on plexiglass in Panoramas is unplanned, but demonstrates the accuracy of a study drawing. These drawings are not representative (at least not obviously so) and do not demonstrate the usual geometric abstraction of their style. They are born of a rapid gesture by the artist, but show much diversity.

The guide

In this work by Bustamante the sober composition and choice of materials immediately strike the viewer.

The artist begins by creating an abstract design on graph paper, which he then reworks on computer. Afterwards the design is transferred to a large plexiglass panel by silkscreen printing.

The quickly sketched design is not figurative, but represents star-shaped forms arranged on a background of horizontal or gridded lines. Bustamante uses only two colours. The composition is therefore very simple, and it is the elements beyond the marks made by Bustamante that render the work more complex.

Look closely:

The relationship between transparency and light intensifies the composition. Light and shadow become interdependent. The panel is affixed to the wall at a distance of 5 cm, which permits the lines on the plexiglass to become shadows on the wall. The effect of the lines is multiplied. At the same time, the material’s glossy surface reflects the space around the work and the spectator. The texture of the wall also becomes part of the work, forming its background.

The unpredictable effects of light make the work lively and dynamic, turning it into a new piece with each viewing. We as viewers become full participants in the composition of the work.