Biotope (être un artiste)

Agnès Thurnauer

Date : 2006

Medium : Painting

Size : 155 x 125 cm

For Agnès Thurnauer, paintings are a medium for contemporary dialogue, with the artist drawing her inspiration from modern-day objects, such as newspapers, street images, snippets of conversation… For Thurnauer, images form a link, a place of meeting and of dialogue and not of separation.
Her "Biotope" series depicts the human body looking out on the surrounding world, adopting different postures in search of balance and fulfilment.

The guide

Sometimes, biographical elements shed light on an artist's work. Such is the case with Guy Tillim. Let us begin with his roots. A white South African, he grew up surrounded by the violence and tragedy of apartheid. As an adult, he works as a war photographer throughout Africa for Agence France Presse and Agence VU.

Now you can better understand the style and highly unique ambience that emerges in Administration Building. Tillim has chosen a point of view that is almost outside the frame: the man sitting at his desk is incidental. The real subject is its Kafkaesque perspective: the hallway that holds so many stories, just out of reach.
Tillim does not do fashion shoots or landscape photography, nor does he retouch models. Today, his work, which is recognised as art in its own right, borrows heavily from photojournalism. Through it, he is developing a universal language to combat ignorance and racism.
Utopian? Perhaps. Optimistic? Definitely.
Despite the many terrible events Tillim has captured over the span of his career, he cannot help but look at the people around him from a humanist perspective.
Gently, humbly—almost discreetly—he infiltrates the tense political and social context of postcolonial society. In this timeless architecture, a silhouette emerges: a young woman crosses a ray of light. What is she looking at? Where is she trying to slip off to?
The power of photography lies in its ability to build bridges between human beings and, of course, to capture the intangible, that moment of suspense when our thoughts take flight.