Triple espoir roig

Albert Rafols-Casamada

Date : 1988

Medium : Painting

Size : 150 x 150 cm

 “I would like people to breathe in the color in my painting as I breathe in color when gazing at the sea”, Albert Ràfols-Casamada once wrote in his diary. After the omnipresent blue of the 1980s, ochre and fire dominated his works at the turn of the 1990s. Witness the dazzling roig (the Catalan word for “red”) in this canvas in which a spare, abstract trinity seems to vibrate like a mystic revelation incarnated in color. Also legible in this painting is the very down-to-earth sense of “hope” embodied at this time by post-movida Spain in the eyes of one of the founders of Barcelona’s Eina (Escola de Disseny i Art) art school, a former hotbed of anti-Franquist resistance.

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