Untitled (Shovels)

Matej Andraz Vogrincic

Date : 2007

Medium : Photography

Size : 136,5 x 134,5 cm

The project “Untitled (Shovels)” was commissioned for the Biennial of Siberia, Krasnoyarsk in Russia (2007). In Krasnoyarsk the space was a huge square in front of Krasnoyarsk Cultural Center. Krasnoyarsk's blazon has a lion which holds sickle in one hand and shovel in the other. Matej Andraz Vogrinèiè decided to use a shovel as main object in his installation. He used 300 shovels and placed them on 8.5 tons of coal. He used a coal as more substantial but still quite similar material to red earth because the translation of a word krasnoyarsk in english language actually means red earth. The result is a platform, 90 cm high, 6 meters wide and 28 meters long, filled with shovels.

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