Hyper 16

Denis Darzacq

Date : 2007

Medium : Photography

Size : 93 x 130 cm

Gelatin-silver print on aluminium

The Hyper series develops the aesthetic of weightlessness introduced in La Chute (The Fall). Levitating bodies are juxtaposed with crammedfull supermarket shelves. In this context, the leap, a gratuitous gesture, may be interpreted as an act of resistance against the consumer society.

Text : Carole Vantroys.
Translation : Pamela Hargreaves.

The guide

At first glance, it seems like Denis Darzacq manipulates images. Look at the levitating body, the incongruous set and these vivid colours. It is obviously a photomontage, or perhaps it was Photoshopped.

However, none of this is true. Everything is natural in the work of this French photographer, who has a talent for capturing “the critical moment” in relation to one principal subject: the energy of the human body.

Hyper, the title of this series, is the logical follow-up to another series: La Chute. Collaborating with hip-hop and capoeira dancers, Darzacq stops time in a perilous exercise in balance. Without special effects, he juxtaposes purity of movement with the harsh indifference of the milieu in which these young dancers have grown up: the banlieues, or low-income French suburbs.

Taken against a backdrop of supermarket shelves, these photographs metaphorically question the place of the body, meaning the individual, in society.

Even more, they are a way for the artist to subtly question consumer society.
How do we fit on these shelves, where each manufactured object is perfectly aligned?

Don’t you get the impression that this faceless body is struggling in an artificial space, not so much jumping as being jolted? This unexpected, out-of-place dance becomes a gesture of resistance. 

But this frozen image inevitably leads to a question: how will this story end?

Denis Darzacq does not tell us. It is up to us, the motionless viewers, to imagine the ending.