Loan Nguyen

Date : 2008

Medium : Photography

Size : 120 x 160 cm

“[Loan Nguyen’s] photographs speak of these states of meditation and contemplation which are achieved in the brevity of an instant. The artist gives a title to each of her photographs. The term chosen (signifier) and its representation (signified) are inseparable, they unite each other. The other path chosen by Loan Nguyen resides in this direct aspect of the neutral. This immediacy of “time that stands still” places a veil over her imagination.”

Text by Gabriele Schor

The guide

Let us now go on an interior journey. Forget stress, noise and all your worries, and dive with me into this restful landscape by Loan Nguyen.

Whether she is taking photographs for a fashion magazine, an advertising campaign or an artistic series, the Franco-Swiss artist injects freshness into her pictures, which are profoundly influenced by her Asian roots.
So it’s no surprise if I mention meditation or Zen philosophy. Do you feel the tranquillity emanating from this picture?
In these settings, the human presence is never intrusive. Gestures are measured and the pose is always just right.
Moreover, the artist herself often serves as her own model.
Halfway between self-portrait and romantic landscape painting, her work spurs us to introspection, a retreat within oneself conducive to contemplation.
Madame Loan—as she likes to call herself—has the sublime gift of being able to convince us that all is natural in these scenic views, right down to the feeling of irreality and the calm, quiet atmosphere where time stands still.
Harmony and balance are therefore both features of her vistas: perfect understanding between Human and Nature, who are united through an action or an object: in this case, a strange kind of fishing rod at the end of which float paper snowflakes.
"Neige" is part of a series—or rather a story—that began in 2007 and poetically depicts "weather and natural phenomena." With the ease of a storyteller, Nguyen transforms reality into a dream and vice versa.
It’s a romantic metaphor from an artist who can make it rain or shine in the viewer’s soul.