Date : 2016

Medium : Painting

Size : 140 x 200 cm

Franco-Iranian artist Sépànd Danesh’s searches revolve around a world nourished with silences, in which every move and every detail offer us a free interpretation. Every work admits the obviousness of a solitude which is not imposed, but rather governed by the artist’s own story, whose family fled from Iran after years of war. 
“There is a certain excitement in the idea of revolting. To rebel is the door opener to teenage utopia. The wind lifts the skirts, Hercules lifts up Antaeus, and peoples rise against injustice. Soulèvement is Hobbes’ feeling of powerlessness in front of the Leviathan. Somewhere in an immeasurable maze of infinite swirls, a shelf holds a blurred glass and a black frame, while a few miniature signs, without claims, lay against a corner.”  Sépànd Danesh


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