Christophe ROBE

Date : 2016

Medium : Painting

Size : 240 x 195 cm

Since the 1990’s, Christophe Robe has been developing a research at the frontiers of figuration and abstraction. His dreamlike world immediately attracts the spectator with its strangeness and the recurrent use of figurative elements, most often vegetal or organic, which border more abstract elements. Since he brings together multiple universes, he uses various techniques: he sands, washes, accumulates, and increases the number of pictorial layers. Every painting is a universe in itself: a landscape, an undergrowth or an ocean floor. An ambiguity thus appears between depth and surface, as well as between the physical and optical dimensions of painting. Interwoven branches mingle with geometrical shapes with precise contours, uncertain shapes, or even material excrescences with multiple interpretations. 

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